Oquiel – Saxophonist

Since I was a child I always had a very interest in music so I got in the music school for 5 years playing saxophone and piano.

In my beginnings as a musician, I was part of a band in the school being the leader saxophone which it was a unique experience for me, then I was part of a sax quartet in the same school for two years, then after that I moved on to HAVANA where I was studying there for 4 more years saxophone and piano as well as a secondary instrument where I had the pleasure to be part of a Jazz band playing in many festivals, also decided two create my own music with my own project which was very successful.

During that time I had the opportunity to compose my own music and also being a music arranger.

After those many years of great effort I finally could play with great musicians and bands in Guatanamo Province such as the Concert band, CONATUS sax quintet, jazz quartet during that time with all those project I was so blessed to play for many famous musicians and national public figures.
Nowadays  I can be found in Qatar exercising my career as a musician playing in hotels, restaurants, international festivals such as Formula 1 etc…

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