Pinto is a Professional South African vocalist and musician, currently based in Doha, Qatar.

She kicked off her music career in 2019, after graduating from AFDA, institution of Film and Arts.

Her journey began as a live lead vocalist for a local Hip-Hop and Reggae band, were they performed across Doha, Qatar—whilst reintroducing the reggae scene.

Shortly after she continued her journey in performing soft rock radio cover tunes, with an all female band called The Chickpeas. It was here after when she achieved and experienced career highlights, performing at high-end events such as Formula 1 Grand Prix and for the FIFA World Cup Fan Festivals.

She is now the lead vocalist of The Hoodrats, performing tunes inspired by Jamaican Mento music styles inspired through Reggae, all while also performing tunes of Hip-Hip and Funk genres.

Pinto strives to be an established studio recording artist, performing and releasing original material, connecting with international audiences, through her music.

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