DJ Zak

DJ ZAK brings to the tables an unmatched style, mixing various genres and giving listeners a unique flavor of hybrid beats and rhythms. With over 15 years of experience, his talents have been heard and observed at many noteworthy venues and events and different music platforms and radio stations . Most Notably he has opened for incredible talented artist such as, Tamer Housny , Mohammed Hamaky, Abady Al Jowhar, Saber Al Robaei, Wael Jesar, Noor Al Zain, Ayed, Zayed Al Saleh, Ibrahim Sultan, Abdelaziz Al Sherif, Qusai, Rakan, Oka wo Ortiga among many others. He is strategy for success is simple he feels the pulse of the crowd and connects their emotions to tracks that elevates those feelings with combining flawless mixing with a powerful party presence and it is no wonder why promoters event organizers, sponsors keep calling him.